A Brief History of Ascension

Didn’t even notice its been almost over 2 years *cry* since I started this hobby project. It definitely went through a lot of changes in visuals, scope and code base.

September 2014

A simple multiplayer platformer. You can only knock people around. Even has a static HUD placeholder(Wow I really did plan this UI all the way at the beginning *shock* ).

January 2015

Ugh, ugly static menu prototype that you click to connect to the server. *ehh* Some super early sprite attempt. I probably removed the useless HUD and started working on a functional one.

Feburary 2015

Early menu designs and most were functional. Poor choice of bright static for the menu now that I see it again *annoyed* . Lots of the skills were implemented although the visual assets were not done. The HUD is starting to be functional.

Rest of 2015

Was working on the first level boss since the original concept of the game was playing with others to defeat bosses. Ultimately development stopped around March because I just didn’t want to do it. Don’t have screen shots of this era.

Janurary 2016

Here’s a screen shot of the boss and a now removed skill.
Decided to scrap the old concept and just go with PvP. Also scrapped old character sprites for some temporary placeholder sprites.

August 2016

With the core gameplay and features completed. I’m just adding new minor features and looking at server deployments.


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