Sorry, it’s been a while…

Time is limited

Since the last blog post regarding upcoming changes, the roadmap is still the same. Lots of Skills coming, plenty of bug fixes and optimizations, and various improvements to existing Skills.

However, what hasn’t been moving is the progress of creating these new Skills. Unfortunately over the last year, most of my time has been consumed by real life things and the small amount of time I have to work on the game is only enough for bits of improvement on existing pieces.

Saying good bye to ALPHA

I’m finally getting some time to work on the game once again but I don’t know how fast progress will be made but things ARE moving ahead again. I’m intending on making 0.25.0 ALPHA the last ALPHA version release. Afterwards, I’ll be moving forward on doing some polishing for BETA phase(after a whooping 4 years of on and off development).

In this final release of ALPHA phase, there are massive changes to some core gameplay as well. Along with new Skills being introduced, Stat point distribution has been adjusted and equipment rolls now give random stats instead of a fixed stat. These changes intend on giving players some freedom of creativity for build diversity. Hopefully, players will find fun and interesting builds to fit their playstyle!

BETA Roadmap

For BETA phase, there are definitely plenty of things to polish up and new systems to introduce.

The road maps at the moment looks like:

  1. Equipment re-roll system
  2. Soul Stone purchasing system
  3. Simple equipment crafting system
  4. A currency to support the new systems
  5. Polishing up some effects, leveling up, stun and knockback indicators.

Some other improvements and features that further down the line:

  1. Polishing up menu screens.
  2. Easier way for players to enter and play games.
  3. Massive player lobby map

Thanks for catching up with the development here!


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