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Still moving… Steam Direct maybe?

This is going to be a short devlog. I’m really hoping to put this on Steam Direct, but I have a lot of concern regarding what quality of game is required to get published on Steam.

Will the game need to be fully completed? Is early access still an option?
How much can I charge for {Soul}Ascension to keep the servers running?
How will I advertise this game?

There are far too many questions for me but I do hope I can get on Steam especially early access.

I haven’t released any updates in a long while, but I really look forward to putting out something players enjoy playing. Hitting a 100 concurrent players would be a dream for me!

Having good developer habits

When you are working on a project by yourself, its really easy to get into bad or lazy developer habits. One of the big ones is not branching your features!

When you are working on multiple different features/bugfixes, it becomes rather “convenient” to just commit changes into master(first mistake was not branching) since you’ll just think “hey noone else will be working on this, so where’s the harm in that.”

But quickly a feature becomes complex, and you forget where the other feature was going. Wish you had branches now!

So here’s a list of must do’s when you are making new features:

  • Every time you start new feature, branch off from the latest master commit, assuming its working.
  • Rebase off master whenever master gets updated.
  • Switch branches when you want to work on a different feature
  • Review and merge into master when you are done

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Doing those things even if you aren’t in a team is good practice. It will allow you to roll back changes, keep/remove features in the works and ease work tracking.

I just finished implementing spatial hashing to improve performance for collision detection. While working on that, I also started on an Emote feature. And doing those things I listed, it seriously helped me track the features I’m working on.

A Brief History of Ascension

Didn’t even notice its been almost over 2 years *cry* since I started this hobby project. It definitely went through a lot of changes in visuals, scope and code base.

September 2014

A simple multiplayer platformer. You can only knock people around. Even has a static HUD placeholder(Wow I really did plan this UI all the way at the beginning *shock* ).

January 2015

Ugh, ugly static menu prototype that you click to connect to the server. *ehh* Some super early sprite attempt. I probably removed the useless HUD and started working on a functional one.

Feburary 2015

Early menu designs and most were functional. Poor choice of bright static for the menu now that I see it again *annoyed* . Lots of the skills were implemented although the visual assets were not done. The HUD is starting to be functional.

Rest of 2015

Was working on the first level boss since the original concept of the game was playing with others to defeat bosses. Ultimately development stopped around March because I just didn’t want to do it. Don’t have screen shots of this era.

Janurary 2016

Here’s a screen shot of the boss and a now removed skill.
Decided to scrap the old concept and just go with PvP. Also scrapped old character sprites for some temporary placeholder sprites.

August 2016

With the core gameplay and features completed. I’m just adding new minor features and looking at server deployments.