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Alpha Version 0.24.2 Released

I pushed the 0.24.2 release out so that the game client is ready to be played once the servers are back up again.

Though when that is I do not have time frame.

If you wish to know what changes came into 0.24.2 check out the changelog!


Alpha Version 0.23.1 Released!

New Skill – Adrenaline

This update brings minor balance changes to some Sword Skills and a new Utility Skill, Adrenaline, to replace Fortify.

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 1.56.14 PM.png

Adrenaline inherits the original function of Fortify to buff one’s defenses when necessary and adds a new utility to it by increasing one’s movement speed. With this addition, Adrenaline vastly improves over Fortify by no longer being just a defensive Utility but both an offensive and defensive Utility much like Dash.

There are also some visual changes for Damage numbers and effects.

Check out all the changes here!

Update is available to download and play now!